Verne the Worm

Welcome to the wonderful world of worms and compost! Verne the Worm helps turn garbage into compost to help gardens grow. Learn all about vermiculture (vermi means worm) and composting with worms. Or, test your vermicomposting knowledge, play a game with Verne, or print out activities for class or home.

Verne the Worm has his own book! Verne the Worm by Shelley Goldbeck and illustrated by Isabelle Boucher is available for purchase. Verne the Worm/Verne le Ver is bilingual, with English and French text on every page. Verne the Worm/Verne la Lombriz in English and Spanish is also available online! Verne the Worm will soon be available in 30 more languages. Click here to shop for Verne the Worm paperback and e-books.