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Welcome, Educators!

Verne the Worm by Shelley Goldbeck was originally written with school aged children in mind. Verne’s story is a great jumping off point to excite students about the world of vermiculture. In addition, there are many resources on this site to help facilitate learning.

To learn more about how to get Verne the Worm by Shelley Goldbeck for your classroom, please contact us.

Classroom Activity Ideas

  1. Set up a classroom worm bin. Worm bins are easy to set up and maintain in the classroom. Check out this step by step tutorial.
  2. Test the power of compost with an experiment! Check out a sample outline here.
  3. Observe worm behaviour. Worms react to light and to physical stimuli. By observing the reactions of worms, students can learn about the sensitivities of these important animals. Check out this activity guideline.