Shelley Goldbeck

About the Author

Shelley Goldbeck is a Thinker, Writer, Speaker, and Marketer on a mission to wring every last experience from her life this time around through self-awareness, learning and discovery. Shelley is the author of a number of books.  Because of her interest in a variety of subjects from health and wellness to real estate to marketing, she writes for a number of web sites.   She also speaks to a variety of audiences on many of those topics. Visit Shelley’s web site at www.ShelleyGoldbeck.com.

Shelley resides in Calgary, Alberta, Canada; she  has two daughters and two granddaughters.

About the Illustrator

Isabelle Boucher is an artist from Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.  “To me drawing is like wrapping myself in a really comfy blanket so tightly it makes me look like a merguez.  It keeps me calm and it makes me feel fuzzy inside – unlike everything else in this world.  …when life begins to be too much for me I draw  and when I draw, I experience all the positive clichés in the world”.

Isabelle creates characters, draws comic books, and illustrates children’s books and other books. 

self portrait of Isabelle Boucher